A World of Art – The Dimension of Oil Paintings

You should know that the world of art is huge and in it, oil painting is living within. You need to know that there are certain periods of time that were very receptive of art and there are also periods of time that it was the complete opposite. This article will talk more about oil painting and how it got discovered and later on used by many. When it came to oil painting, it started in the middle east and it was not for art purposes at first, The artisans in the middle east found out about how oil painting can be used for different purposes and ever since then, they started to do it differently. The oil painting art form then traveled to Europe, the art capital of the world during the 15th century and it was that time that oil painting got its big break. And in the 15th century, oil painting became another art form for the European artisans to do. The whole art form began to grow and became a lot better especially during the renaissance period. Even long after the renaissance period, oil painting began to grow throughout the world.

As the term itself says, oil painting is using oil to paint on a canvas. The color used to paint is mixed with oil rather than mixing it with the usual base paint. They usually use linseed oil for their mixtures. You have to know that flax seeds will be very important in the production of linseed oil. But it is not only linseed oil that artists use for their base, there plenty of other types of oils available. Poppy seed oil and walnut oil are also oils being used for oil painting. When you mix the dried pigments onto the oil, there will be no better version of color compared to any another base. The oil will produce the intensity of gloss. After mixing the pigment and the oil, you can start painting on canvas. You have to understand that oil painting is strictly for canvas art. Your canvas art will reside on canvas and only canvas. The color cannot be retained from any other thinner material.

But you need to know that oil painting is not going to be done on canvas directly. Make sure you make use of a pencil before you even think about using the oil paint in your canvas. When it comes to oil painting, you need to have everything ready before you start.

To become an outstanding artist, you will have to understand art itself, that is how you can get ahead of life and become famous for your art work.

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